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To date, the principles I learned from Amir have translated to on-the-spot job offers and multiple promotions! 

In 2016, over a cup of coffee, an illuminating conversation with Amir changed my perspective and life.  Amir goes beyond just getting you in the driver's seat of your career.  He reshapes your thinking to that of an elite racer.  

~ Richard Forbes, MBA, PMP 

I received 3 offers in less than 2 weeks...and 5 more even though I wasn't looking!! 

When I met Amir, I was at a low point in my career and job search.  Amir helped me re-discover who I am and what I had to offer.  I felt an immediate transformation in my confidence and that's when the offers came pouring in, and haven't stopped.  I am now free to take my career where I want and need.  

~ Cara Hendekci, Finance Leader 


You're an ambitious and accomplished professional...  

And you want a career you always dreamed of.  A career where you love what you do and are financially secure to live the lifestyle you want.  A career where you have the freedom to follow your passions, do epic things and reach for your aspirations.  Whether that's moving up the leadership ranks and carving your path to the C-Suite, being a highly sought after expert in your field...or simply solving world-changing problems.

More importantly, you want to thrive and be proud of your accomplishments without having to settle for anything less than you deserve.  

Going for any job that you are qualified for, and can do, just won't cut it.  You need opportunities to GROW your talent and ADVANCE your career!  And not just any opportunity...the right opportunities at the right time.


Most will tell you to be patient, pay your dues and wait for the right opportunities.  Or, to get another degree and more experience to raise your appeal.  Or, to network relentlessly and grind through full-time job searches...for months...to land the roles you need to level up your career.  

While that MAY work...if you're lucky and have all the time in the world...that's NOT what our clients do to get amazing high-paying career growth opportunities, roles and promotions...anytime they want.  And it's certainly NOT how you control your career.

We do it differently!

We walk our clients through our proprietary process to FIRST get crystal clear on their purpose and value in the broader market even if they don't have the best work history.  And SECOND to give them LIFELONG marketing assets that CONSISTENTLY open doors to new and amazing career-growth opportunities.  We go deeper than conventional career coaching...and we give you the support you need to take action to build your career your way...step by step.  

That's why our clients emerge feeling clear, congruent, aligned and ready to deliver...and why leaders love them and snatch them up on the spot!  Clients like Cara, who went from struggling for months in her job search after a devastating job loss....to receiving a constant stream of offers from leaders who want her in their teams and organizations.  Or like Rick who was afraid no one would hire him because of his age (60 years young)...and landed multiple enthusiastic offers.  They, like all our clients, now have options to take their career where they want.

Feel free to learn more about me and my work with past clients here.  And when you're ready, go through this free training where I pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what our clients do differently to get these amazing results...and not just once, but anytime they want.

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Amir Muradali

The Transformed Career Experience


My story began in 2006. I was struggling to launch my post-MBA career.  In just 3 months, I went from desperate for an interview...to having jobs created for me...even though I had ZERO relevant experience. 

Since then, I had multiple jobs created for me, even in the midst of the 2008 economic crash. And I quadrupled my earning power in 7 years!  The freedom I had to take my career where I wanted was unlike anything I expected or experienced.  And I now help others breakthrough and live their own transformed career experience. 


WHAT do those landing amazing offers for their ideal roles quickly know and do that you don't? 

Watch this FREE training today.  I promise it will be the best 45 minutes you will have spent.